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The “Surgical Strike” On PFI Script Was Created In Amit Shah’s Meeting

New Delhi, 22 Sept -The Popular Front of India has been the target of significant action from several central agencies (PFI). According to reports, 106 locations across 11 states have been searched, leading to the arrest of more than 100 people.

This also includes a lot of the party’s prominent leaders. The script for this entire incident was allegedly drafted during a meeting with Union Home Minister Amit Shah on August 29. Shah had called a high-level conference at that time because of PFI’s actions.

Top officials present at the meeting on August 29 reported that Shah requested details regarding the PFI and associated activities. He then assigned responsibility to various agencies after receiving information from those in attendance. Large-scale action against PFI was planned, but it was also determined that agencies would first conduct their own research.

NIA’s massive PFI operation yielded 11 states, 106 hideouts, and more than 100 arrests. Many important people attended the conference, including the head of the NIA, the RAW, the IB, and the National Security Advisor.

Shah had made it plain that the PFI’s whole cadre, finances, and terror network needed to be destroyed, and a strategy was created with the participation of many agencies.

The central intelligence agencies were reportedly instructed to gather data and compile a dossier at the meeting. 

The authorities were given instructions to record all the information pertaining to the PFI cadre’s involvement in the murders and extortion cases. The NIA was tasked with looking into the instances and setting up traps across the nation to catch the cadre. The Union Home Ministry recently gave the NIA various PFI-related cases that the state police had previously been looking into.

The ED was tasked with creating preliminary findings on PFI funding, foreign aid, and unlawful transactions following the meeting on August 29. Additionally, it was decided to include the state police in the plan’s preparation. States that had expressed worry about this group and were regularly subjected to its illegal actions were given special consideration during this.

About 106 locations across 11 states saw action from NIA and ED on Thursday. More than 100 cadres, including many important party leaders, are said to have been detained at this time. Operation Midnight was the name of this operation. 

Additionally, the agents had detained the chairman, OMA Salam. The raid is still going on right now. Shah is currently engaging with the officials right here in Delhi.

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